Pre-Installation Setup for NetApp-7 > Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors (NetApp-7)
Version 10.3.00P13
Prerequisites for Adding Data Collectors (NetApp-7)
64-bit OS. See the APTARE IT Analytics Certified Configurations Guide for supported operating systems.
Support Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 10.0.2.
For performance reasons, do not install Data Collectors on the same server as the APTARE IT Analytics Portal. However, if you must have both on the same server, verify that the Portal and Data Collector software do not reside in the same directory.
Install only one Data Collector on a server (or OS instance).
Data Collector Configurations Specific to NetApp-7
Note the port used by the NetApp 7-Mode Data Collector: TCP 443.
Gather the following required configuration details:
NetApp Addresses: IP addresses or names.
User ID & Password: Read-only user ID and password.
Create a NetApp User with API privileges:
filer> useradmin role add apirole -a login-http-admin,api-*
filer> useradmin group add apigroup -r apirole
filer> useradmin user add apiuser -g apigroup
NOTE: For the role command, do not include a space after the comma.
If HTTP Access is Disabled on the vFiler
Some environments with vFilers (7-mode) disable HTTP access to the vFiler. In this situation, the Data Collector must use tunneling to retrieve data from the vFiler.
To enable access via tunneling, add the security-api-vfiler parameter to the api role, as shown in the following example:
filer> useradmin role add apirole -a login-http-admin,api-*,security-api-vfiler
For additional details, see Creating a NetApp User with API Privileges.