Uninstalling the Data Collector > Uninstall the Data Collector on Windows
Version 10.2.00
Uninstall the Data Collector on Windows
1. Login to the Data Collector Server. (User must have Administrator privileges.)
2. Stop the Data Collector services.
Click Start > Settings > Control Panel
Click Administrative Tools.
Click Services.
3. Click Uninstall APTARE StorageConsole Data Collector in Start Menu/Programs/APTARE StorageConsole Data Collector
4. Follow the prompts in the uninstall windows.
Note:The uninstaller may not delete the entire Data Collector directory structure. Sometimes new files, created after the installation, along with their parent directories, are not removed. You may need to manually remove the root install folder (default C:\Program Files\Aptare) and its sub-folders after the uninstaller completes.