Validating Data Collection > Using the CLI Checkinstall Utility
Version 10.2.00
Using the CLI Checkinstall Utility
This legacy utility performs both the Test Connection function and On-Demand data collection run from a command line interface launched from the Data Collector server.
NOTE: APTARE does not recommend using the CLI Checkinstall utility for any Data Collector subsystem vendor which supports On-Demand runs.
The following directions assume that the Data Collector files have been installed in their default location:
Windows (C:\Program Files\Aptare) or Linux (/opt/aptare).
If you have installed the files in a different directory, make the necessary path translations in the following instructions.
NOTE: Some of the following commands can take up to several hours, depending on the size of your enterprise.
To run Checkinstall
1. Open a session on the Data Collector server.
Windows: Open a command prompt window.
Linux: Open a telnet session logged in as root to the Data Collector Server.
2. Change to the directory where you’ll run the validation script.
Windows: At the command prompt, type:
cd C:\Program Files\Aptare\mbs\bin <enter>
Linux: In the telnet session, type:
cd /opt/aptare/mbs/bin <enter>
3. Execute the validation script.
Windows: At the command prompt, type: checkinstall.bat <enter>
Linux: In the telnet session. type: ./ <enter>
The checkinstall utility performs a high-level check of the installation, including a check for the domain, host group and URL, Data Collector policy and database connectivity. This utility will fail if a Data Collector policy has not been configured in the Portal. For a component check, specifically for Host Resources, run the|bat utility, as described in Host Resources: Collection in Stand-Alone Mode.
Checkinstall includes an option to run a probe for one or more specific devices. Note that certain Data Collectors will not allow individual selection of devices. Typically these are collectors that allow the entry of multiple server addresses or ranges of addresses in a single text box. These collectors include: Cisco Switch, EMC CLARiiON, EMC Data Domain, EMC VNX arrays, HP 3PAR, IBM mid-range arrays, IBM XIV arrays and VMWare. Data Collectors that probe all devices that are attached to a management server also do not allow individual selection of devices: EMC Symmetric, File Analytics, Hitachi arrays and IBM VIO.
4. If the output in the previous steps contains the word FAILED, then contact the Global Support Center and have the following files ready for review:
C:\Program Files\Aptare\mbs\logs\validation\