End-of-Life for Features
Version 10.2.00P7
End-of-Life for Features
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Support: End of Life Notice - APTARE StorageConsole no longer supports the browser Internet Explorer version 9. [SCP-460]
The following reports are now obsolete and have been removed from APTARE StorageConsole: Capacity Planning - Array, Capacity Planning - Host, Tape Library & Drive Utilization, and Media Forecasting Dashboard. Any saved instances of these reports will be deleted when the Portal is upgraded to APTARE StorageConsole 10. [SC-7098]
McData switches are no longer supported.
RedHat 5 is no longer supported for Portal or Data Collector servers. [SC-8412]
HP Data Protector versions 5.x and 6.x are no longer supported. [SCP-373]