Enhancements and Resolved Issues by Category
Version 10.2.00P7
Enhancements and Resolved Issues by Category
The 10.2.00 release includes all patch release fixes up to and including version 10.1.01P7.
The APTARE StorageConsole 10.2 software release offers enhancements and resolved issues since the last release. The following tables list enhanced features and fixed issues by category. Be sure to check these sections before installing or upgrading: Supported Operating Systems and Upgrading to APTARE Version 10.2.00. Upgrade instructions and sizing information in the technical documentation should also be consulted prior to upgrades.
Backup Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Capacity Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Cloud Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Database Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Data Collection Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Documentation Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Fabric Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
File Analytics Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Portal Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Virtualization Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Backup Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Fixed an issue with EMC Data Domain probes to ensure that blocking SSH connections eventually allow other SSH probes to progress.
Errors were displayed in the Data Collector logs for the TSM Storage Pool Backup Probe if the Q PROC command returned a not found message. As this message is not unexpected, this has been changed to an INFO message.
NetBackup try job lines were failing to parse due to an I/O error. They are now parsing correctly.
For HP Data Protector, the hpdphistoricevents script does not have an administrator password requirement and the documentation was updated accordingly.
HP Data Protector data persistence was updated to fix an issue that caused a database constraint violation if similar records existed in the backup specification client list.
In the Inventory, for HP Data Protector backup servers, cell managers are now listed as expected. Prior to this release, additional nodes that were not cell managers appeared in the list.
Updates to an HP Data Protector database column ensure that the number of slots can be persisted.
TSM collection now supports an additional client option set type: Deduplication.
The EMC Data Domain database table was updated to increase the size of the boost connection transport column, to accommodate larger values.
For new Portal installations, Data Domain MTree data collection allows null values for the collection time when persisting data.
Documentation for Centralized NetBackup data collection was updated to clarify steps to authorize access to master servers.
The Veritas NetBackup database published view, apt_v_nbu_schedule, was updated with a last_updated column.
27027, 27193
When purging EMC Data Domain server data, related Data Domain MTree data is also purged.
Prior to this release, errors were displayed in the Data Collector logs for the TSM Storage Pool Backup Probe if the Q PROC command returned only three items in the output. Collection was not affected.
Backup clients now are persisted with the correct type. Prior to this fix, in certain cases, in the Inventory, clients appeared as Data Domain systems.
27042, 27043
Several new database published views support more detailed custom templates for EMC Avamar data reporting: apt_avm_dataset_detail and apt_avm_dataset_command.
The Data Domain Replication History and Data Domain Snapshot History dynamic templates can now be customized without encountering errors.
EMC Data Domain collection was updated to handle a new output format introduced in Data Domain 5.7. The replication source directory can now be collected successfully.
When purging server data, related Data Domain MTree data is also purged.
IBM TSM data persistence was updated to accommodate larger values for the data transfer time.
More than one EMC Data Domain policy now can be added to a collector, enabling different probe schedules for each policy.
EMC Avamar collection no longer persists data for jobs with a client ID (CID) of TO_BE_ASSIGNED.
A column heading in the Running and Queued Job Summary changed from KB/Sec to MB/Sec for NetBackup, as the data in the column is MB/Sec.
On certain EMC Data Domain systems, the command that retrieves compression data displays data that is not in the expected order. Data collection logic has been updated to account for this format.
Veritas NetBackup data collection was modified to fix an issue that occurred while parsing and persisting job attributes.
Several EMC Data Domain database columns have been modified to accommodate larger values encounter in the collection of the Data Domain MTree compression log.
Due to a Data Domain persistence issue, the length for the error column in the system replication database table was increased to accommodate larger values.
The following database published views now include a master_server_name column: apt_v_nbu_policy and apt_v_nbu_policy_client. This enables easier access to the master server name in SQL report template queries.
In the Hosts Inventory list, TSM objects are now listed in the appropriate category. Prior to this fix, they were listed under the “Other” category.
Updates to EMC NetWorker collection fix an issue that, in certain circumstances, caused an invalid saveset to be created when processing the group logs. This, in turn, caused incorrect backup jobs to be listed in reports.
For EMC Data Domain file-level compression collection, database changes now correlate the NetBackup storage server to the Data Domain system, ensuring that data is collected from all relevant servers.
For the IBM TSM version of the Job Summary, a Tapes column has been added to include a comma-separated list of tapes associated with a backup job.
The Commvault Simpana database published view, apt_v_cmv_job_vm, was updated to add a vm_vailed_reason_desc column to support more descriptive reports.
For Commvault Simpana reports, jobs for both virtual and physical machines are now displayed.
New Avamar job status codes ensure that reports display correct information on whether a job completed or not.
EMC Data Domain collection was updated to correctly parse the “show connection” output when DD Boost is not enabled.
HP Data Protector data persistence was revised to fix an issue where the session gigabyte data was not updated in the database.
Notes now can be added without errors in the Job Details report.
Decommissioned Veritas NetBackup Master Servers will no longer be listed in Discovery Policies.
Resolved the issue of data not getting persisted for EMC Data Domain tapes and tape pools.
Tape details for Data Domain Virtual Tape Libraries are now being saved after execution of the Inventory probe.
In the Inventory’s Host Management report, the Last Successful Backup and Last Failed Backup dates will not be null, for hosts that have these dates.
Performance improvements have been made to the Veritas NetBackup job tape media database table.
For EMC Data Domain 9800 systems running DDOS version (which uses a different licensing scheme from other Data Domain systems) now reports the licensing information correctly.
Fixed a bug to display capacity values when the Data Domain System Summary report is executed with an All Data Domain Servers scope.
EMC Data Domain collection now takes into account the case where a single Data Domain Storage Unit is attached to more than one NetBackup master server.
Collection from EMC Data Domain servers running OS version 5.4 now retrieves and persists the correct values for the DD Boost connection.
For EMC Avamar data persistence, the size of the group name was increased to accommodate larger values.
For HP Data Protector Tape Library collection, the HP Data Protector server name for the controlling server is used, if no controlling server is present.
For IBM TSM collection, password expiration now prompts the user for input.
EMC Data Domain systems with DD Boost not enabled would persist incorrect information. Now, if the EMC Data Domain DD Boost feature is not enabled, data collection retrieves and persists the correct values for the DD Boost connection.
EMC Data Domain collection was updated to ensure that disk performance details are successfully collected and persisted in the database.
When duplicate NBU Master Server names are present in the same domain Backup events would not persist correctly, we now ensure that the configured master server is used.
Resolved an issue where the IBM TSM Client Node probe would fail while collecting filespaces when under load.
Resolved a Data Domain issue where transactions on logical storage units were failing.
When duplicate NBU Master Server names are present in the same domain Backup events would not persist correctly, we now ensure that the configured master server is used.
Resolves an issue where the Tape Library and Drive Utilization report was failing to render.
Logging improvements were made to Data Domain collection.
Due to an issue with Search and EMC Avamar clients, additional flexibility in excluding patterns in Host search based on host name were added.
Resolved an issue where some Networker Probes stopped collecting if a collection returned no data.
For EMC Avamar, when an avmDomainName is missing, the error log now shows an Info message instead of an Error.
A Data Domain File Level Compression Probe that is configured with an include or exclude list that contains spaces would fail to match mtrees after the first entry. This has been resolved to handle spaces.
An EMC Avamar database date time column for replication activities did not have an accurate time value, therefore some replication activities were missed. We now use the column completed_ts instead to calculate the value.
When a generic job collection is complete, an error message appears in the DataReceiver logs. Actual collection of data is not affected.
Fixed an issue where collection for Commvault Simpana was failing for VM jobs because there was a version mismatch with the VM drivers.
An error in the logs was being produced when Commvault data collection was returning a NULL value. This is now being reported as an Unknown which is a valid job type.
A NetBackup image, that was the result of a NetBackup replication import job, was persisted in the database without a Storage Unit ID. This has been resolved.
Commvault Simpana VM clients will now be included when using the RTD functions for the MSP License report.
Capacity Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
EMC Symmetrix collection has been updated to fix an issue where the storage path was not persisted in the database. Add the advanced parameter, EMC_VMAX_INCLUDE_ALL_MASKINGVIEWS to Y.
A NetApp Cluster database published view was modified. The column name, nbr_of_indoes_user_files, was changed to nbr_of_inodes_user_files. This may impact SQL report templates.
Fixed a discrepancy between LUN Utilization Summary and Storage Optimization views.
IBM XIV collection was updated to express IOPs performance values with the correct unit.
For NetApp Cluster data persistence, the Array ID database column now accommodates larger values.
EMC VPLEX data persistence was updated to fix an issue that caused an integrity constraint when saving data for a storage volume extent.
For NetApp Cluster collected data, the cron schedule now is persisted without errors.
EMC Symmetrix documentation was updated to include additional configuration details.
Hitachi data collection was updated to ensure that all data points are collected during the performance probe execution.
The load_package.loadArrayAttributeFile utility has been fixed so that attributes for inactive arrays can be loaded.
File system data persistence was enhanced to handle the case where a deleted file system is recreated.
Hitachi data collection was updated to ensure that the HDT probe executes when it is configured in the Data Collector policy.
For Hitachi collection, a data redundancy issue was fixed. This issue was due to a time overlap between two collection cycles.
Hitachi data collection was updated to handle the case where LDEV data is not available.
The Array Capacity & Utilization report now correctly displays the Dynamic Provisioning section for the Hitachi VSP G1000 family of arrays.
Updates to the Portal correct an issue where a SQL report template with an array scope selector switched to a host scope selector when the template was imported into a different Portal.
HDS performance scheduled collection retries to get a list of active RAID agents if any of the agents returns a busy status.
For NetApp Cluster collection, a command storage-array-list-info failure will be reported as WARNING and not ERROR.
Fixed unique constraint violation while saving NTC Volume Performance data.
Hitachi performance data collection has been fixed and the relevant new report definitions are packaged with the collector upgrade.
Improvements have been made to error handling while collecting from EMC Isilon SNMP.
The operational status column in the HP 3PAR PDEV database table has been increased to 512 characters to accommodate larger values.
For EMC Symmetrix data collection, the efficiency/compression ratios have been corrected, to match the values shown in Unisphere.
In the Array Capacity and Utilization report, the logic for the RAID Group Usage thermometer tooltip was modified to display an accurate percentage.
EMC Symmetrix enhanced performance has been improved to handle additional response codes.
Resolves an exception that occurred while saving the Storage Domain for INFINIDAT Infinibox.
An error was being logged when EMC XtremIO collection was running as part of scheduled service. This has been resolved.
Resolved an issue with the HDS Array Capacity & Utilization report usable-used capacity logic.
Corrected an issue when reporting the usable capacity for EMC Symmetrix arrays.
Resolved an issue where the EMC VPLEX Storage View Summary report wasn’t showing all the storage for an array.
Fixed an issue in the database where capacity numbers in the Array Capacity & Utilization and Array Utilization Summary reports were incorrect when collection for EMC Symmetrix and EMC VNX CLARiiON arrays was in progress.
Resolved an issue for EMC VPLEX where host information was not updating correctly.
LUN mapping is now supported between EMC VPLEX to XtremIO and INFINIDAT. Use view apt_v_lun_frntend_to_bckend can see all the details.
The report, Array Utilization Summary, now displays a column for Thick Virtualized Capacity and Virtualized Capacity, which includes thick and thin volumes.
New column to display Used Capacity has been added to the LUN Utilization Summary for EMC VPLEX.
For IBM SVC arrays, WWNs were persisted as host names if Host/WWN CSV loading was not executed. This fix adds a check to see if hostName to be created is WWN or not.
Cloud Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Amazon Web Services (AWS) collection was updated to fix an issue that caused an exception coercion failure.
Saved instances of cloud report templates now generate results as expected.
The following report templates were modified to fix an issue that occurred in Oracle 12c database environments: AWS S3 Bucket Summary, AWS EC2 Instance Summary, AWS Account Listing, and Microsoft Azure Resource Group Summary.
Host Name now displayed/available in AWS EC2 Instances grid.
Enhanced the performance of reports on top of the AWS Billing Record and Azure Resource Usage enterprise objects.
Microsoft Azure data collection was modified to fix an issue that, under certain circumstances, failed to collect storage account and virtual machine data.
Added start date and end date filter in AWS and Microsoft Azure methods for better performance when used in reports.
Resolved an issue where AWS Billing Summary Over Time report was failing to render when no data was returned from the database.
Performance improvements were made for AWS EC2 Instance Summary and AWS S3 Bucket Summary.
Database Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Data persistence for certain AWS and fabric collections now handles the case where the collected device manager ID is null.
Database updates for SDK-developed reports ensure that the drilldowns from one report to another include the query’s start and end dates.
Column sorting in the Data Collection Performance Detail report now works for numeric columns.
The LUN Performance Summary was updated to fix an issue where, in certain cases, the array name drilldown to the Array Capacity & Utilization failed.
For HP Data Protector, new database published views have been added to this release.
For HP Data Protector, a Replication job type is now supported.
IBM SVC collection and persistence now handles the case where the port WWN has a null value.
An issue that caused AIX host historical data to be missing from the file system log table has been fixed in this release.
Database updates improve the performance when saving VMware CPU performance data.
WWN columns, port_wwn and node_wwn, have been added to the aps_v_hba_port database published view.
For Commvault Simpana collection, the backup job size is now persisted correctly.
Optimizations improve performance when persisting collected Veritas NetBackup data.
For EMC Symmetrix array collection, where the array’s IP address is not specified in the policy, logic has been changed to ensure that the array’s active/inactive state is reported correctly.
Resolves the issue where user credentials were appearing in scon.log.
An issue that, in some cases, caused hosts to be persisted as the wrong backup server type, has been fixed in this release.
Performance has been enhanced for the utility for bulk loading attributes and server groups: loadServerAttributeFile.
Data Collection Message Summary report was modified to fix the drilldown reports.
Data Collection Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Commands for host collection have been added to the sudo lists in the /opt/aptare/updates directory.
IBM TSM collection now correctly handles the scenario where the number of storage pools for a TSM instance exceeds 200. Prior to this fix, some of the persisted storage pools were flagged as not existing in the catalog.
Veritas NetBackup data collection was updated to fix a probe data-parsing issue that caused the error, “Caught an Exception while processing Job Try Line.”
For IBM TSM data collection, TSM server parsing was updated to parse the output correctly post IBM TSM 7.1.6.
Documentation was updated to state, when using CRON expressions for Data Collector probe schedules, the expression for last day of the month, denoted by an L is not supported.
Documentation was updated to add Windows Server 2012 R2 to the list of supported operating systems for Data Collector servers.
Updates to Veritas NetBackup collection ensure that job finish transaction is handled correctly so that the correct status is reflected in the Data Collector Status Summary report.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) data collection now handles both consolidated and unconsolidated billing.
Performance improvements have been made for data collection connectors deployed via the SDK.
Data collection was updated to fix an Oracle issue that could occur for long-running processes: maximum open cursors exceeded.
Data collection logging has been improved to capture issues when host data cannot be saved.
NetApp 7 data collection now reports “The volume is not a clone” error to the Collector Message Summary.
VMware collection messages are now qualified with the correct probe name and child thread to enable more efficient troubleshooting.
AWS billing collection is limited to the base billing report. Collection of billing records for other services, such as AWS Marketplace, is not yet supported.
Hitachi NAS (HNAS) collection was updated to correctly parse a new span name format.
The HDS XP7 performance collection probe now persists the correct values for time, total kilobytes transferred, and total I/Os.
On the Collector Administration page, EMC Avamar data collectors are now listed with host names instead of IP addresses.
Decommissioned and recommissioned hosts are now named correctly in the Data Collector Status report.
In response to an issue with compressing rawdata, a new script was created: mbs/bin/archive.sh/mbs/bin.archive.bat, for archiving logs, rawdata and configuration files. The script is essentially a collector-side version of the portal Support Tools, to be used when the portal’s Support Tools are not available (for example, the collector service is not running).
For EMC Avamar and EMC Symmetrix data collector policies, the check box selections for probes now persist. In certain cases, when the same type of policy probe was configured in different data collectors, the probes did not remain selected.
In an effort to resolve enhanced performance persistence, fixed the time to persist for SDK collectors depending on # rows already in table.
Issues with Data Domain collection were blocking SSH connections and not allowing other SSH probes to progress. This has been resolved.
Updated the green help for Array Address field on the IBM XIV data collector policy. It now states: Enter a comma-separated list of host names or IP addresses of the IBM XIV Storage Arrays from which you want to collect data.
Documentation Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Updated the required library file names in the Portal Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux.
Help topics for Edit Host, Add Host and Assign Host Groups are now pointing to the correct information.
The Portal Apache upgrade instructions have been modified to include steps to include virtual hosts in the https configuration.
Fabric Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
For Brocade and Cisco switch collections fixed cases where the fabric or SAN ID were not set before sending to the receiver.
Fabric collection updates prevent a ClosedByInterruptException error during data collection.
The Port Performance Dashboard now renders all portlet charts as expected.
The chassis name for switches can be found in the aps_swi_switch.element_name database published view for SQL template reports. In some cases, the switch’s symbolic name is used for the chassis name.
File Analytics Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Resolved issues around File Analytics aggregation was taking too long and duplicates were incorrect.
Duplicate Files report now displays correct title Duplicate Files (top 50 in each device).
For File Analytics collection, duplicate largest files can now be saved.
If File Analytics Collection fails (on the portal) the error is now logged in the database.
File Analytics Collection Status report was not always displaying the collection start time. This has been resolved to always display the collection start time.
In the case where collection was failing, File Analytics Collection Status report displayed the elapsed time as increasing for every report run. Now the elapsed time will display N/A.
Portal Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
Shared DTD Templates are now able to execute/run from search results.
The SQL Template Designer now provides a warning when duplicate column names are specified in a query.
Resolves formatting issues with the SQL Template Designer, where users were unable to control the maximum value display in gauge charts.
Resolved a security gap that allowed users to import hosts into different domains.
When exporting a report, the report's name is now being used instead of the report template’s name.
In the Add Attribute dialog, attribute values are now sorted correctly if spaces are included after commas in a comma-separated list.
Advanced search for Backup Server Type name is now available in the Inventory.
When saving a Dynamic Template Designer report, the database now properly handles a range, such as previous month, for the date.
In certain reports with bar charts, such as the Backup Status SLA, the date format has been corrected.
In the Inventory, user-created host groups and hosts within each host group now are listed in alphabetical order.
The SQL Template Designer query validation was enhanced with additional checks to ensure that all column modifications are verified.
An end user or administrator role can no longer delete a super user account, even if they have User Privileges enabled.
For scheduled reports, the format of SNMP traps has been updated to ensure compliance with the SNMPv2 standard.
Portal updates fixed an issue that prevented search functions when a user did not have Inventory access privileges.
The green help field for Join in the Method Designer was too small to read the text. The field is now properly sized.
The Host Overview report, displayed in the Inventory, now includes Host Type and OS Type in the pie chart. Prior to this release, under certain circumstances, these types were not rendered in the chart.
In certain reports with bar charts, such as the Backup Status SLA, the date format has been corrected.
My Object List was unable to refresh and reflect a change in host status, such as decommissioned. This has been fixed and is now updated through the Inventory Refresh icon.
In the Inventory Host Overview, long host names are handled with a mouse-over display so that the names do not obscure values in other columns.
There were two reports with the label VM Server Overview, but one was actually a group report. One of the reports now has the label VM Server Group Overview.
In Linux environments, a message indicated that a graphics manager was not installed even though X11 was installed. The logic to detect graphics environments has been modified.
Prior to this fix, the Largest Backup Volume report was not rendering a full pie when a job size was null or zero.
The Storage Array Overview report was updated to increase the number of rows that can be rendered.
Charts rendered from SQL templates now display complete legends when the reports are portlets in a dashboard. Before this fix, in certain cases, the legend was truncated.
In order to prevent email address formatting exceptions, the email regex was updated to one based on RFC 5322 published on emailregex.com.
When a host is created or modified, the changes are now immediately reflected in Portal reports.
When a report instance is deleted, its associated schedule is also removed. Prior to this release, the schedule was not deleted and therefore caused scheduled report errors.
Updates to the Data Collection Performance Summary ensure that the mouse-over values match the values in the drilldown reports.
When trying to delete a report used in the Inventory, the message now displays which category it is in.
Search results now display a single entry if an object is under multiple subsystems in the Inventory.
In the Inventory, the Show Decommissioned check box now works for all Inventory objects which are of type host.
In pie and donut charts, the legends now include percentages. Prior to this fix, these legend values were available only in the chart’s expanded mode.
When editing a host's details, changes made to a host's time zone are now persisted in the database.
In the Inventory, modifications to a report's scope are now persisted as expected.
Host Overview Group report, a donut chart, now displays the total for each sector.
The Apache startup script no longer reports certain warnings as errors.
Data Collectors with EMC Avamar or EMC Symmetrix policies now can be deleted successfully.
Known issue: Exported and emailed donut charts will not have a total in the center and the size may not match what is rendered in the Portal.
Database updates ensure that all attributes associated with a host are displayed for the host.
An issue with Dynamic Template Designer templates was fixed to ensure that templates with methods are not inadvertently deleted.
Error notifications related to Internet connection are no longer displayed in the UI or in portal.log if portal.hasInternetConnection=false is set in the portal.propeties file.
Report templates created with the SQL Template Designer and use the getLicenseClientDetail pipeline function now verify and run without errors.
Resolved the issue of the topology chart not rendering in the Host to Storage Dashboard.
Upgrader will now pick up ro_password from portal.properties during upgrade instead of using the hard coded password from the ant file.
Resolves the issue where the Report Category in Dynamic Template Designer was not being reflected in the Inventory.
All reports templates now have a default time period in the associated Scope Selector.
The Advanced button has been removed from the Scope Selector for the Data Collection Message Summary report.
StorageConsole 10.2.00 now supports Apache Tomcat version 8.5.23.
Set limits on fields in the Add/Edit User dialog. The First name and Last name fields are limited to 64 characters. The Login ID is limited to 128 characters.
Fixed an issue with exported PDF layouts for Host Overview report.
Stacked area chart icons for reports were missing from the Report grid view. They have been added.
Refresh is now working correctly for the second page of a paginated report.
Resolved an issue where certain reports in the Inventory were not displaying a description.
Virtualization Manager Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Issue Number
The Checkinstall utility now displays per-server, cluster and VM status. The messaging has also been improved.
The Inventory’s Datastore Usage Breakdown chart was fixed to ensure that the drilldown to the detail report renders as expected.
When VM Datastore Group Overview report displays zero values, the values are no longer links. They are just displayed values.
In the Inventory’s VM Guests grid, the CPU Usage Last 24 Hrs and Memory Usage Last 24 Hrs column values now are listed as MHz and KB values instead of a percentage.
The Collection Message Summary now lists a warning for uncollected datastores when they are not reported as used by any ESX server.
The Datastore Performance Summary was modified to display the sum instead of the average for data transfer subtotals.
To help with time zone conversions and data collection, the create_time field for VM snapshot data has been converted from a string to a date (timestamp) format.
Added corresponding date-type columns of VMWare objects (boot_date of partition. suspend_date of partition_stats, and create_date of snapshot_tree).
Resolves an issue with the Solutions report, VMs Not in Inventory. Now the report filters out files with zero capacity.
AWS EC2 Instance Summary now includes a host name column.
Performance improvements have been made to the VMware datastore file database table.
The Inventory’s VM Guests grid was modified to ensure that host names are displayed correctly.
The VM disk provisioned size is now persisted correctly in the datastore usage database published view: apt_v_vmw_datastore_usage.
Fixed VMWare FC Target error 'SQLException Message:Inserted value too large for column' by increasing the column size in the database.