Working with the SQL Template Designer > Database Published Views
Version 10.1.01
Database Published Views
APTARE StorageConsole provides a set of published read-only database views into the reporting database and related object model. The database views provide a native SQL interface into the reporting database. APTARE publishes a collection of views that overlay the underlying database tables. Using these read-only views, you can write your own reports or stored procedure handlers to query the reporting database. These views provide a simple and fast mechanism to access a read-only view into the raw data maintained within the database.
Access the Database Published Views from the CLI
The underlying Oracle database can be accessed via the command-line interface (CLI). StorageConsole includes a separate Oracle user account that is specifically designed and granted SELECT access to the StorageConsole Published Database Views.
The Oracle user account for the StorageConsole Published Database Views is called aptare_ro. The default password for this account is set to aptaresoftware123. This user account can ONLY access the published database views and does not have any update or insert privileges.
Access the Database Published Views from the SQL Template Designer
You can quickly access the available database views, fields and corresponding descriptions for query creation directly from the SQL Template Designer. See Help for Database Views for details.