Working with the SQL Template Designer > SQL Template Designer Overview
Version 10.1.01
SQL Template Designer Overview
Note: The SQL Template Designer is considered to be an advanced feature, requiring experience in SQL (Structured Query Language) query development.
APTARE StorageConsole provides the following reporting capabilities:
Out-of-the-box Report Templates: Report templates packaged with your StorageConsole installation.
Dynamic Template Designer: A tool to create custom reports by dragging and dropping database components, which are then used to dynamically generate the SQL query “behind the scenes” of the Portal. See Working with the Dynamic Template Designer.
SQL Template Designer: A tool to enable custom report creation using SQL skills. Query a large set of database published views to develop reports.
Customer Report Library: A collection of custom reports that you can use as a starting point, importing them into the Portal:
The SQL Template Designer offers a way for you to augment your StorageConsole report inventory. Once you have become familiar with the report templates that are shipped with the Portal, you may want to design reports that draw on the rich set of data gathered by the Data Collectors, to serve your unique reporting needs. Using the SQL Template Designer and your knowledge of SQL, you can build advanced reporting solutions to support efficient storage resource management.
See Steps to Create SQL Templates for details.