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Version 10.1.01
About Custom Backup Windows
Often an enterprise measures success by Service Level Agreements (SLA) that have been defined for backups. Typically, backups begin at the end of the business day, but they do not finish before the end of the day—thereby skewing the success statistics for the day. To more accurately reflect backup SLA metrics, you can re-define a day, for example, to mean 4:00 p.m. today until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow.
Custom Backup Windows can be defined at a global level. A Backup Window can then be applied to the following reports to arrange the data based on the selected custom backup window:
Job Status Summary
Mission Control
Data Protection Dashboard
Note: Several automated reports and custom report templates have Backup Windows already defined. The customization of Backup Windows, as discussed herein, only applies to the above list of reports.
Custom Backup Window Requirements
The total of all the hours defined in a custom backup window must equal 168—a full week.
A week is defined as starting at 00:00 Sunday, unless you redefine it with a Custom Backup Window.