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Version 10.1.01
About the Inventory Tab
The Inventory serves as browser mode for your infrastructure. All objects in the StorageConsole database can be seen and manipulated in a single navigation window. These objects can be individually selected to see details or to run reports against. StorageConsole reporting and dashboards provide a broader view of the state of the infrastructure, and the Inventory provides an object level view.
Access to the Inventory is controlled by user privileges and product licensing. Your user type dictates if the Inventory tab is displayed by default. See Inventory Privileges.
The Inventory provides an accurate picture of the assets discovered within your data center. This interface not only displays counts from collected data, but provides access to relevant information in the form of summaries, and templates (both custom and standard). This catalog of data center items allows you explore trends, capacity, system level information and more within the context of your inventory.
You can review data for short term goals such as performance and longer term goals such as trends in backup storage failures. The view into the Inventory can be customized by grouping the inventory objects by a variety of attributes such as inventory items type, location or business unit to further visualize the data in a way that is the most convenient to you.
Inventory objects are associated with default reports that offer relevant data or information for the selected object. These default reports can be customized to display a set of specialized reports that you choose and associate to the object. You can also quickly toggle between the landing pages and a list view that displays all the collected inventory objects for a category. See Exploring Your Inventory for details.