Upgrading a Portal and Data Collectors > Upgrading Methods to Incorporate Enterprise Objects
Version 10.1.01
Upgrading Methods to Incorporate Enterprise Objects
During a Portal upgrade to APTARE StorageConsole 10.x.xx, all Dynamic Template Designer Methods will be modified to associate a method with an enterprise object (such as an array or host), rather than the method being associated with a StorageConsole product (such as Capacity Manager).
The upgrader automatically makes the necessary changes, which may result in the following considerations:
If the upgrader encounters a method that could apply to multiple enterprise objects (for example, a backup method that is relevant for both a Data Domain and a Job enterprise object), the upgrader makes a copy of the method with an Upgrade label append to the method name. This new version of the method has a populated enterprise object field so that your reports won’t fail. Note that the WITH clause alias in this new version will still reference the old name, but this will not cause reports to fail. You can modify this to make the method accurate, however, this modification is not required.
Once upgraded, some methods may have a null value for the enterprise object. For example, a method that was created for Virtualization Manager does not have a corresponding supported enterprise object (Data Domain, Host, Job, or Storage Array). If such a method is found by the upgrader and the method is in use by a Dynamic Template, the upgrader implicitly assumes the enterprise object for the template is relevant and populates the enterprise object field accordingly. However, if the method currently is not in use, the enterprise object field remains null.
Upgraded methods that result in null enterprise object values can be identified by viewing the list of methods:
Tools > Templates > Method Designer.
To use a method in a Dynamic Template, the enterprise object field must be populated. Therefore, when you modify and save a method (Save/Save as), you will be prompted to select an enterprise object.