User Privileges and Security
Version 10.1.00
User Privileges and Security
Privileges can be set for both individual users and for user groups. There are distinct categories of privileges:
Report scope privileges. Using host groups (or home group), dictates how wide of a net a user can cast when generating report data. When you create the user’s account, you specify a home host group for that user.
Report access privileges. Determines what reports a user can access.
Policy privileges. Configure billing and usage policies.
Portal administration privileges. Provides administration capabilities that are typically reserved for administrators.
Various categories of privileges enable you to tailor user access capabilities:
Privilege Category
Privilege Description
Report Access Privileges
Report Menu Group Access
Access to various reports within a menu group—for example, Administration Reports.
Access can be on a per-report basis or for an entire report menu group. Cloud access is also set through privileges.
Portal Administration Privileges
Hosts and Host Group Privileges
Provides the ability to Manage Hosts and Host Groups
Users with these privileges can add/modify/delete hosts and host groups within the Portal.
Manages the report scope.
Ensures that the host group tree is relevant and easy to navigate.
Control Panels
Provides management of Discovery and also Data Collector Policies.
Security Privileges
The following areas can be authorized to manage specific functions:
User Administration
Report Template Designers
Cloud Access
Data Collection Status
Host Attributes
User Groups