Collecting Missed Events for Veritas Backup Exec
Version 10.1.00
Collecting Missed Events for Veritas Backup Exec
Occasionally, there may be data that was missed by the scheduled Data Collection process. For example, the server may have been unavailable for a period of time. Or, you may want to capture data that was available before you actually installed the Backup Exec Data Collector software.
To capture data from a specific period, use the following utility:
buehistoricevents.{sh/bat} {AdministratorDomain} {AdministratorUser} {AdministratorPassword} [{Start Date} {End Date}] [verbose]
Dates need to be in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format.
Specifying verbose will log the Backup Exec commands called to the eventcollector.log file.
Note: If the Start and End Dates are not specified, the utility will capture Events that occurred in the last 24 hours.