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IBM Extent Pool Summary
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Understanding IBM Enterprise Storage Capacity Calculations
Capacity values for IBM arrays may appear different from what is reported by the IBM CLI or IBM Tools, as IBM uses a decimal gigabyte—10^9 bytes, while StorageConsole uses 1024 for a KB when converting to GB.
For FB open systems hosts, an extent is 1 GB. For CKD IBM zSeries or S/390 systems, an extent is 1 cylinder (.92 GB).
In the Scope Selector, you can narrow the report output by selecting values for the following criteria:
Storage Types: fb, ckd
Rank Status: below, exceeded, full
Extent Pool name
Storage System
The physical storage system (storage array) on which the extent pool resides
Rank Group
A rank can only be assigned to one extent pool, but more than one rank can reside in an extent pool.
Storage Type
Fixed block (FB) or Count-Key-Data (CKD).For FB, an extent is 1 GB. For CKD, an extent is 1 cylinder (.92 GB).
Rank Status:
below - % of available extents is less than threshold
exceeded - % of available extents is greater than threshold
full - 0 extents are available
Total Capacity
Sum of the capacity of all extents in this pool
Available Capacity
The amount of space in this extent pool that is currently available; this value is derived from the total capacity minus the allocated capacity
Available Extents
The number of extents that are available to the logical volume
Reserved Extents
The number of extents that are in reserved (this space must be explicitly released before the logical volume can use it)
# of Volumes
The number of logical volumes that have been configured from this extent pool; this is the storage that can be given to a host
# of Ranks
The number of ranks in this extent pool—1 or 2