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Version 10.0.00
Database Error Summary
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This report provides a diagnostic tool for System Administrators to monitor typical operational functions. More often than not, you will be requested by APTARE Global Support Services to use this diagnostic tool and email the report to them for further investigation.
Entries in this report do not necessarily signal problems that require corrective action. For example, if a user inadvertently attempts to create a Domain Name that already exists, an entry will be written to the database error log file and also displayed in this report.
Ideally, this report will rarely list errors that require additional actions, but periodic monitoring is recommended.
Note: Given that this report extracts customer-specific database messages from a log file, System Administrators should ensure that only authorized personnel are given access to this report.
Error Number
Unique number associated with specific database errors to aid in troubleshooting issues.
Date and time the error was logged.
Defines area of the code in which the error occurred.
Portal Message
Lists the message displayed on the Portal if that is the origin of the error.
Oracle Message
Lists the message displayed in Oracle if that is the origin of the error.
SQL Error Code
List the SQL error code if that is the origin of the error.
SQL Stack Trace
Lists the SQL stack trace error, which pinpoints the line of code.