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Version 10.0.00
Tape Drive Usage and Forecast Report
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This report is applicable to only NetBackup, Networker, TSM, and CommVault Simpana.
Use this report to determine if and when you need to add more tape drives to your libraries. When you customize this report, if you enter a date range in the past, the report will include historical usage information. If your date range includes a finish date beyond the current day, the report will include forecast estimates.
Note: The current day is treated as the future for the purpose of forecasting.
Tip: When entering the date range in the scope selector, use a finish date that is a few weeks or months into the future. This will ensure that a sufficient forecast is produced. Also, to produce a realistic forecast, group the data by Weeks, Months, or Quarters. For this type of report, the time units of Hours and Days are too small to provide meaningful charts.
The report derives the forecast by comparing usage with your existing tape inventory. To be safe, use the highest forecast when determining how many tape drives you need to add.
For additional information about the tape drives in your environment, use the Tape Library and Drive Utilization report.
The Tape Drive Usage and Forecast Report provides the following information:
# of Tapes drives
The number of tape drives in all tape libraries for the report scope that you specified.
Mouse-over each color of a bar to retrieve the following information:
Average tape drives used previously
Maximum tape drives used previously
Average tape drives forecasted
Maximum tape drives forecasted