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Version 10.0.00
Tape Media Summary Report
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Operations Dashboard by clicking the Total Tape Media link in the Current Media Summary
Drill down from the Drive Utilization & Performance Report
This report is applicable to only NetBackup, Networker, TSM, CommVault Simpana, and HP Data Protector.
Depending on your environment, this report listing can get rather long, so you may want to narrow the report’s scope. When you generate the report, you can limit the output using the following parameter choices:
Scope: Select specific hosts and/or host groups
Event Status: Select All Media, Media Inside Tape Library, or Media Outside Tape Library
Media Status: All, Expired, Available, In Use, or Full. Note that the Expired status is not a valid option for IBM TSM and HP Data Protector, as those vendors do not support this status for tapes.
When your Tape Media Summary report contains multiple listings, the sortable headings enable you to find the tape media you want quickly. Click on any of the table headings to sort the table by that heading in ascending order. Click the heading a second time to sort in descending order.
Media ID
The tape ID links to the Tape Media Detail
The management Server links to the Host Details
The backup product associated with the tape: CommVault Simpana, HP Data Protector, NetBackup, NetWorker, TSM
The tape media status is reported as: Assigned, Catalog, Cleaning, Filling, Frozen, Full, Scratch, Unavailable, or Vendor Specific (which indicates the disposition specific to the backup product). Place your mouse pointer on top of Vendor Specific to view the message.
Type of tape device
Library to which the tape belongs
Slot #
Physical position in the library
CommVault Simpana only. Name of the slot for the media.
CommVault Simpana only. Location of the slot.
Volume Pool
NetBackup volume pool
Volume Group
NetBackup volume group
Estimated Capacity (MB)
Amount of media in use
Available (MB)
Amount of media storage still available
% Available
Percentage of the media that is still available
Media expiration date
Slot #
Physical position in the library
Last Read
Date and time of last read
Last Written
Date and time of last write
Last Exported
CommVault Simpana only. Data & time of last export
Export Location
CommVault Simpana only. Destination of the export.