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Version 10.0.00
Data Domain Replication History
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Use this report to determine which destinations are being replicated. The values shown in the report are derived from cumulative statistics since the replication context was created.
The Data Domain system
This connection date is relevant only for SNMP data collection; otherwise, the field will be blank
Indicates the destination that is being replicated
Remaining Pre-Comp
Relevant for directory replication only; the sum of the sizes of the files yet to be replicated for this context; includes the entire logical size of the current file that is in the process of being replicated.
If a very large file is currently being replicated, the number may not change for some time as it only changes after the current file replication finishes.
Replicated Pre-Comp
The number of pre-compressed bytes sent by the source. This includes logical bytes associated with the file that is currently being replicated.
Replicated Post-Comp
The actual network data that is sent by the destination to the source
Compression Factor
Calculated as replicated pre-comp divided by replicated post-comp; This is a global compression factor.
Synced As Of Time
The time when the most recently replicated data on the destination was generated on the source. During replication initialization, this value is set to unknown.
Status of the replication
Replication error, if any