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Version 10.0.00
VM Summary
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StorageConsole provides different navigation options to slice and examine your collected data. You can explore the data by using the APTARE customizable report templates or by using parts of your IT infrastructure as entry points. The Inventory Navigator serves as a browser for your infrastructure by object type. See also Exploring Your Inventory.
Use the Reports tab to examine the StorageConsole catalog of templates, dashboards and reports - organized by products along with user-created, and system folders. This report is located here:
Use this report to find the largest Virtual Machines. This report lists virtual guests/hosts with usage and status information.
NOTE: VMTools must be installed to enable collection of the IP address, Host name, mount points, and guest operating system of the VM.
NOTE: When using advanced filtering for tabular reports, to filter rows by the Indicator Lights (for example, Connection, Power, or Status) use the color: Red, Yellow, Green, or Gray.
VM Name
Name of the Virtual Machine
VM Server
The server that is hosting the VM
Host Name
Hostname of the guest; value is displayed only if VMTools is installed
IP Address
IP address of the Virtual Machine; value is displayed only if VMTools is installed
State: Connection
None, Connected, or Suspended
State: Power
Powered Off, Powered On
This is essentially an alarm indicator that reflects the condition of the resources: Gray=Status Unknown, Green=Normal, Yellow=Warning, Red=Alert, definite problem
Avg CPU Usage Last 24 Hours
The host’s average CPU usage for the past 24 hours for the number of samples taken within that time frame
Avg Memory Usage Last 24 Hrs
The host’s average Memory usage for the past 24 hours for the number of samples taken within that time frame
Size: VM
Size of the virtual machine, which includes VMDK files, log files, and snapshots; the sum of all the files taking up storage by this VM.
Size: VM Disk
Amount of storage that was provisioned to the Guest OS when the virtual disk was originally created for the VM. For thin storage, this can be larger than the Datastore capacity associated with the VM.
Storage: Volume Usage
This is the disk usage inside of the VM (for example, C:\, D:\)
A Volume maps to logical disks, such as C:\ and D:\, as seen by the guest OS; usage for the past 24 hours for the number of samples taken within that time frame. For inactive VMs, the usage is unknown.
Storage: Datastores
Datastores used by this VM
Storage: Raw Device Map
Indicates if the VM is using Raw Device Mapping.