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Version 10.0.00
Array Utilization Dashboard
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This report provides array utilization statistics for storage arrays.
The Usable capacity values show a summary of overall array storage consumption from various viewpoints: virtual, internal, external, used, and free. Likewise, the chargeback policy list breaks out capacity usage to help you determine if you have full coverage for your chargeback policies. As a prerequisite for this report, capacity chargeback policies must be configured.
In the LUN Capacity by Category chart, the bars represent the following:
Primary - The LUN capacity for the primary array. This value excludes open reserved LUNs.
Copy - The LUN capacity for a copy stored on the primary array.
Replication - The LUN capacity for a replication of the data on an external storage array.
Click the bars in this chart to launch the Array Utilization Summary.
In the Array Utilization bar chart, the bars link to the Array Utilization Summary, displaying the capacity usage that corresponds to the chart’s legend colors.
Physical: Allocated Raw - This varies by vendor. See the description in Array Utilization Summary.
Physical: Available Undetermined - This value is undetermined because it represents raw capacity minus configured RAID capacity, but could include spares and failed drives that aren’t necessarily available for consumption.
Usable: Virtual - This represents the capacity on the back-end array that has been given to the front-end array.
Usable: Internal - This is the physical, usable capacity after RAID overhead. In the case of Symmetrix arrays, this is raw, usable capacity. For virtualized arrays (HDS, NetApp, and IBM SVC), this is the front-end internal storage.
Allocated LUN - The total storage capacity for the allocated LUNs. For HDS arrays, it includes Dynamically Provisioned capacity.
UnAllocated LUN - mount of unallocated LUN capacity. For HDS arrays, this number includes promised, Dynamically Provisioned capacity, but no reserved space.
In the Array Utilization Summary table, the # Groups links to the List Array Groups report, from which you can access Array Group Details.
For details about the Chargeback Policy Capacity table, see Aggregated Chargeback.